Clicking on the arrows allows you to move to the next/ previous picture in the album. You can also separate your favourite pictures from the rest. For this, do the following: when browsing photos, click on the ‘star’ in the left-hand corner of the picture window, to add that photo to your list of ‘favourites’. When you re-open or refresh the album, a link to your ‘album of favourites’ will be displayed in the right-hand column of the page.

Use the magnifying glass icon to zoom into an area of the photo. Click on a random location on the photo to activate the magnifying glass.

You will find the picture format list and a brief set of ordering instructions by clicking on the link ‘Formats and ordering instructions, located in the upper right-hand corner of the picture window.

Picture format prices are displayed in the shopping cart view.


Order pictures by adding them to the shopping cart with the button ‘Add to shopping cart’.

You can supplement the shopping cart selection by adding photos from different albums.

If necessary, you can remove an unwanted photo from the cart by clicking on ‘Remove’

Determine the number and format of the pictures in the shopping cart.

When ready, click on the ‘Order’ button.

Finish the order by filling in the required fields.

After pressing the button ‘Confirm’, you will be directed into the banking portal.

After you have paid for the order, click on the button ‘Back to the merchant’.


After the order has been made, you will receive, at the e-mail address you have specified, an e-mail that informs you of the order deadline and provides a copy of the order.

Please keep this copy until your order has been delivered.

As a rule, the order is posted within four working days. This applies if the shopping cart view ‘Delivery’ shows the following list (see the slide):

In case of albums with an exceptional delivery date and location, the red circle in the previous picture includes the necessary information.

Ordered digital fails will be send by e mail.

Please read carefully the response sent to your e-mail address.