Wedding–a dignified and festive event, the service of which undoubtedly cannot include insecurity and lack of experience. For me, photography is no hobby – it is a craft I treat with respect and a sense of responsibility. With this attitude, I have for years offered, and will also offer your wedding, a photography service that is steady, precise, and relies on experience.


A bride and groom photo session in nature, different interior settings or the studio, takes an average of 1-2 hours. Whether it occurs before or after registration is a matter of agreement.

  • A few recommendations, based on my experiences, in order to make the results captivating and convincing:
    • - when you come to the photo session, try to leave behind all the wedding organization issues – let your spirit soar and enjoy your day;
    • - I am ‘not there’ during the photo session – it is just the two of you;
    • - trust your gut feelings, be open and ready for cooperation;
      - feel free to express your thoughts and ideas.

​I shoot the wedding ceremony and party in the classical reporting style, which includes group photos with parents and wedding guests. As an outside observer, I keep an eye on everything and try to preserve all important moments and details.
I will be ‘there’ for you during the whole event – enjoy the service in its best possible sense!
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Much like the price for a tailored suit, which depends on the complexity of the design, my services also have no standard price. I compile the price offer separately for each bride and groom.

  • To make you an offer, it would be good to know:
  • - the location and time of the registration or wedding ceremony;
    - the location of the wedding party (if you also want the photographer at the party);
    - the approximate number of guests;
    - the place where you wish to conduct the bride and groom photo session.

As a result of the price negotiations, we will sign a contract.


You will receive all pictures on a DVD, with all files in print-ready resolution. The DVD also has a digital photo album that can be opened with a web browser, and a folder with small files meant for usage online. I can also upload an Internet album, protected by a password, on my webpage, for viewing the photos and enabling you to order classical photos on paper.

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