In a studio one can realize different ideas: a family photo, a portrait, a photo of a mother in waiting, an infant, an irreverent photo of friends or a pet. All you have to do is show courage in expressing your wishes and ideas. In return, I can offer the diverse solutions of a studio photo.

My experience as a studio photographer dates back to 1991.
You can view my photography style here


  • - Feel free to express your thoughts and ideas, both before and during the photo session.
  • - Ask in advance about the clothing.
  • - Make sure you have plenty of time for the session.
  • - If possible, reserve a photo session with a small child after the little one has taken a nap.
  • - Come to the studio in a positive frame of mind.
  • - Be open and willing to cooperate with the photographer.


Please reserve the photo session time in advance, via e-mail or phone.

Studio location

The studio I rent for sessions is located at Pärnu mnt 142, Tallinn (Tulbi Fotostuudio)


A studio photo session is priced by the hour. The minimum working period is 60 minutes at a cost of € 135, every 15 minutes after that costs € 35.
You will receive all pictures on a DVD, with all files in print-ready resolution. The DVD also has a digital photo album that can be opened with a web browser, and a folder with small files meant for usage online. I can also upload an Internet album, protected by a password, on my webpage, for viewing the photos and enabling you to order classical photos on paper.

Send an e-mail or ask for more information here