Outside the studio walls into parks, the beach, beguiling interior settings or the cosy atmosphere of your home’s walls – I will come and take pictures in exactly the places that captivate you and are important to you.


Feel free to express your thoughts and ideas, both before and during the photo session.
Ask in advance about what you should wear.
If possible, reserve a photo session with a small child after the little one has had some sleep.
Be open and willing to cooperate with the photographer.
Try to reserve the session time (in case of external setting) for the evening, when natural light is softer.
Trust the photographer.
I possess portable studio equipment that allows me to build a studio precisely where it is needed.
You can review my photography style here https://meresmaafoto.ee/en/mainpage/portfolio-ii/


Please reserve the photo session time in advance, via e-mail or phone.
When making the reservation, it would be a good idea to tell me not just the preferred time but also the location of the planned photo session.


A photo session is priced by the hour. The minimum working period is 60 minutes at a cost of € 100, every 15 minutes after that costs € 25.
For photo sessions of more than 2 hours, the price is negotiable. Whether the fee for an out-of-studio trip is also added to the price is determined by the session location. I will determine the amount and necessity of the trip fee based on the location.
You will receive all pictures on a DVD, with all files in print-ready resolution. The DVD also has a digital photo album that can be opened with a web browser, and a folder with small files meant for usage online. I can also upload an Internet album, protected by a password, on my webpage, for viewing the photos and enabling you to order classical photos on paper.

Send an e-mail or ask for more information here sven@meresmaafoto.ee