Portraits, group photos in kindergartens and schools.

Photos can be ordered via the web shop at the address https://meresmaafoto.ee/en/ordering-photos-on-line/

After photos have been ordered in the web shop, we will send you an e-mail with the order deadline and a copy of the order.

Please save the copy of the order until you have received the photos.

Price list

Group photos

Group photos 15 x 22 cm                                                                       3.75            
Group photos  21 x 30 cm  6                         €         

Portraits, friend photos

10 x 15 cm                                                                                                                                                2.5                                           €                 
15 x 22 cm 5
21 x 30 cm 10
30 x 45 cm 18
Photo stickers (12 pcs / 10 x 15 cm page) 4
Combined photo (2 pcs 6 x 9 cm, 4 pcs 4 x 5 cm) 5.25
Set of 2  photos 5,5 x 8 cm with rounded corners   2.5
Set of 2 fridge magnets 5,5 x 8 cm 5.75
1 file not fit for printing (500 px_100 dpi)               2.5
1 file with print quality (2300 px_400 dpi) 10

Ordered digital fails will be send by e mail during 24 hours after submitted and paid order.

NB! Only the last 2 year's albums can be stored in the server. Earlier files are archived. The price for the recovery from the archive is  20  EUR per group/class.

Photo book for a kindergarten or school graduate.

A group photo is a traditional part of every graduation ceremony. Unfortunately, the faces of children on the group photo are relatively small and some people won’t even remember the names of their friends after all those years! I therefore offer a graduation book where the portraits of the children and teachers in the last kindergarten or school class are accompanied by their names, in a book format of 15x20 cm, max 26 pp (€ 35) or 20x26 cm, max 26 pp (€ 40).

Examples of photo book are presented here https://meresmaafoto.ee/en/mainpage/portfolio-ii/photobook/

Price list

Little photo book A5, max 26 pp                                                                                            37                                      €                
Big photo book A4, max 26 pp 42

NB! If the book order differs from the standard in terms of format, volume or content, the price will have to be negotiated

Info:  sven@meresmaafoto.ee